TrulyFilipina: How It Works

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It’s never easy to look for love. Many unexpected circumstances can prevent you from dating, might it be a demanding job or social awkwardness but don’t worry, with TrulyFilipina, you can easily find your Filipino beauty with our specially designed features that make online dating fun and hassle free.

To understand how our Filipino dating site works, here are a few tips:


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To get the full online Filipino dating experience, it’s essential to create an account. With TrulyFilipina’s easy signup process, you’ll have more time on browsing profiles instead of doing all the unnecessary processes that would just lessen your time in meeting your perfect match. We only ask your name, email, password and gender. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions. Click CREATE ACCOUNT and you can now start your online dating journey.


Skipping this part would be fine but it would be hard to attract the one you’re looking for if you do. it’s important to set up your profile, not only to be clear of who you are and what you’re looking for on the site, but also to keep out unwanted attention from other members that are far from your type.

TrulyFilipina basic and lifestyle information form

TrulyFilipina description form

Make the search for online Filipino singles easier by completing your online dating profile. We assure you, this one would definitely attract members. Don’t forget to use an attractive photo of you and be honest as possible while you’re filling this up.


With TrulyFilipina, there are a series of ways in which you can look at profiles. The first and the most basic one is to view the currently online members list.

TrulyFilipina's currently online members

Now this can be a little broad since you’re not specifying on what qualities you want in a member. Here you can see members of all race, age, lifestyle, etc. If you want to be more specific with your search, click on the Search menu on the top section of your screan. In there you can choose between the Advanced Search, Browse Members, and Member Search.

With Advanced Search, you can put in all the qualities that you’re looking for in a match.

advance search form

Click SEARCH and you’ll see a series of members below that fit the description that you’ve put in.

On Browse Members, you can choose between looking at profiles with photos or without and the gender as well. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Once that’s done, click on SEARCH and you’ll see an extensive list of profiles based on your criteria.

browse members with the latest activity

If you already know who to look for, using our Member Search feature would be the best choice.

member search form

Enter the user name or the profile id of the member you’re looking for and you’ll see their profile on the result section of the page.

TrulyFilipina has made your search easier because looking for love has never been an easy task. Seeing thousands of profiles can be overwealming but we’re here to help you with that.


Found someone you fancy? TrulyFilipina has a messaging feature to help you take the next leap to your online dating journey. Capture her attention by sending a fun and friendly message. The feature is packed with emojis and a video chat feature to make the conversation more fun and exciting.

In the online dating world, standing out in thousands of profiles is hard. But creating your profile and looking for your ideal match has been made easier by TrulyFilipina. With us, you’ll meet thousands of single Filipino women and you’ll surely have an awesome online dating experience.

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