TrulyFilipina: Site Features and How to Use Them

Looking for love has never been a piece of cake. But with the help of TrulyFilipina’s awesome jam packed features, you’ll have a fun and stress free time while looking for your Filipino beauty. Here are the TrulyFilipina’s key features:


Make the first move by letting her know that you’re interested in her. No idea on how to do that? Don’t worry, were here to help you.

By going to the member’s profile, click on the Show Interest located below the member’s profile information.

how to show an interest to a member

Add Friend

Keep in touch with the member you like by adding them on your friend list. To send a friend request, simply click on the Add Friend button on the member’s profile snipet or page.

how to add a member as a friend

Browse Profiles

Immediately browse profiles after you’ve signed up to TrulyFilipina. With our database full of online Filipino singles, you’ll be able to view and appreciate their profile and photos.

browse members who are currently online

Search Profiles

To make the search for members easier, make use of our Advanced Search freature which enables you to enter the qualities you’re looking for in a member i.e the country where they live, age, gender, relation and body type.

TrulyFilipina's advanced search form

Remember that you’re not required to fill up all the information. Answer any question you like then click SEARCH. You will then see an extensive number of profiles which fits the discription you’ve entered.

Share Photos

Uploading photos is a great way to attract members. The chances of meeting your match would be higher. To show off your assets, go to your profile and click Photos.

How to share photos step 1

You can either take a snapshot or upload a photo from your device. You can choose on what album you want to put it in. There are two albums to choose from: Public and Private. To ensure the photo’s authenticity and free from any nudity, our support team will review the photos first before it’s published.

How to share photos step 2


The next step to looking for your match is to talk to them. To do that, make use of TrulyFilipina's chat feature. With this, you can chat and have a face to face interaction which makes you more closer than ever.

To send a chat request, browse through the members who are currently online and send them a request. Once they’ve approved, you can now both talk to each other. That's not all, video chatting is also availble on TrulyFilipina. Just turn on your webcam and make your conversations more fun and interesting.

Looking for your ideal partner has been made easier. With TrulyFilipina being packed with awesome features, you’d surely find your match easily and effortlessly. Join our growing community full of Filipino singles now and get a first class online dating experience.