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A Man's Unveiled Thoughts about Dating A Filipino Woman

How does a man react and think when they date a Filipino woman? Take a look at this man's first impression and his tips for men who are currently in a relationship with a Filipina.

7 November 2018

Dating A Filipino Christian: How To Make the Relationship Work

Filipinos are known to be very devout in their faith. So what would you do if you're not in the same religion as your Filipino girlfriend? Have a look at this Filipino Christian dating tips.

6 September 2018

Filipino Chat & Dating: The Ultimate Guide

How does one go and meet beautiful single ladies on a Filipino dating site with chat? Find out here!

1 August 2018

Filipino Dating Culture: How Dating is Done in the Philippines

The Philippines was a unique way of dating. But one thing is for sure, once learn how date the Filipino way, it'll definitely change your persective towards dating.

25 June 2018